cropped-utlogo.pngHey! So I know I haven’t been blogging like I should and I need some content so I decided to take up a blogging challenge cuz who doesn’t think that’s fun!?

Brief History

The name UnderwoodTales came from the time when we first started our company. It branched from the first young adult series we were planning on writing titled Tales of Thadeus Thistlebuck which was a fantasy series that was being worked at the time before I moved to work on Repentance: WolfPack MC. The name of the setting of Thadeus’ story was called Underwoods. The name kind of stuck and a logo created to go with the license name.

Why A Turtle and Coffee Mug?

The turtle is a gentle reminder that slow and steady, meticulous editing, and making sure each novel and short story written to the best of its ability is more valuable than dishing out multiple titles as quick as possible. The turtle is also a strong creature with an outer shell that protects it against the elements. The coffee mug is because who doesn’t like the combination of a nice cup of coffee or tea and to sit down and read a good book? The two just seem to go together.blogday2

I hope you like this brief history of the name of the blog and get in on your own 30 days of blogging challenge!