Hello everyone! It’s Monday again and that means it is once again time for another book review!

Today we are stepping back into the world of the Black Angels MC as told by the amazingWolfReview.jpg and upcoming talented author, A.E. Fisher! Her second book Wolf is just as stunning as her first book, Hunter in that she once again goes between two points of view: Anna and Wolf, the president of the Black Angels.

A Brief Synopsis: Spoiler Alert!

Wolf starts out the story drunk which shows a sense of humanism to an otherwise intimidating character which I thought served as a really good way to break the ice. He undergoes many trials from a mysterious organization stalking the Black Angels for something that they don’t know or understand why their small club has been targeted in the first place. This causes a struggle when Wolf not only collides headlong with the love of his life after three years of chasing her and playing a rather masochistic game, but he also has to protect his beloved club even if it means hurting Anna and nearly losing him his unborn child in the end.

What I liked about it?

Aside from the saucy and sexy scenes between the two characters? The relationship between these two is alluded to in the first book but I have to say that they are some of the funniest interactions I have read in a book in a long time. Despite Wolf’s obvious strength, loyalty, and overall gruffness, he can’t seem to catch his little strawberry-blonde crush that he’s been chasing for three years! It reveals a more human-like side to Wolf that shows him to actually be more vulnerable than his otherwise rough persona that he tends to portray. It is a wonderful read full of strong internal and external conflict and to me personally it was a bit of a tear jerker. I have read it four times and believe me, you learn something new every time you read it.

What could be improved in the next book?

This book is beautiful! Don’t get me wrong but once again there are little bits of grammar here and there that could have used a bit of tweaking before the release of the book. There are also word typos when the author slips out of the first person and into third person which confuses the reader. This is easily resolved with a bit of editing and to me, didn’t really ruin the experience at all!

My overall rating: