Ladies and Gentlemen, regulars and new comers! Welcome to our first ever book review Monday! This week I will be introducing you to a genre I think is very under appreciated but has become one of my favorites in the last week alone. I’m talking about MC or Motorcycle Club themed romance/erotica books!

BookreviewmondayThis week we will be diving into A.E. Fisher’s recent release titled Hunterbookreviewmonday_Hunter

Guys, this book has it all. A hot male biker, a pretty girl love interest, a charismatic gal chasing down the Club president, and most of all some of the hottest love making scenes I have read since 50 Shades of Gray. Don’t let that cool you off however, this love fest is bolstered further by both internal conflicts such as lust, desire and attraction to external conflicts like getting shot up by a mercenary group and having to deal with a rival MC gang.

This book has it all! I will recommend it to anyone who is not only looking for a semi-quick read for those of us who are fast to those who want to see a really hot guy and a cute girl who just can’t resist his charms.

Brief Synopsis:

We follow the story of Hunter and Mallory who are having to deal with the loss of Hunter’s brother after being driven off the road by the Hell’s Runners; a rival MC. The twist that makes itself apparent at the beginning of the story is that Mallory has actually had a one night stand with Hunter’s brother and has a son by him. She ran from her hometown in FellPeak thus forcing Hunter to track her down. He drags her back to her home town to the Black Angels, his own MC and lets her live with him. Attraction soon turns to desire and desire turns to lust as the two try to cope not only with their feelings for each other but with the mysterious shadow group that seems to have placed a target on the Black Angels’ backs.

Why you should read it:

Besides the sexy….well….sex scenes (just calling an apple what it is here). The story is just great! The struggle between the characters and Hunter’s desire to live up the expectations of his Club along with wanting to keep Mallory and his nephew in his life forever is very real and portrayed beautifully! The story starts out very mysterious as questions arise as to why the Black Angels are suddenly on someone’s radar. I have read this novel four times back to back along with its successor (which I will cover next week). I just can’t put it down!

The only things I could say that could be improved in future writing is that there are an unusually high amount of grammatical errors but believe me when I tell you, they do not rob from the story at all.

My Final Score:


I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone and hope you will pick up a version for yourself! Link to buy on Amazon is available here! Hopefully I can get Ms. Fisher to give me an interview!