AParadiseWeLost.jpgHi! So I know that I haven’t updated here for the third update and here’s why: I am working endlessly on an MC novel and  that I am not sure will be a series or single book but things are coming along well! The characters are being researched deeply before typing on the book is even started. I am also hard at work on a western-like post apocalyptic short story (where the quote is from)

So just a little bit about what is going on and what is coming down the pike here shortly.

I will be posting a book review on a couple of books written by the amazing A.E. Fisher: Hunter and Wolf. I can tell you I have read these two back to back on my Nook I know at least twice already and guys I can’t stop reading them. They are both amazing with characters that I relate to in such a way that I hadn’t in almost any book I’ve read making them very near and dear. More on them in the review on Monday.

I will also be posting the second installment of the Failure and Why It’s Important Series after I re-write the first one.

So this is what’s going on so far! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!