Boomer is a character in our upcoming young adult readers’ series, The Adventures of Thaddeus ThistleBuck. He is constantly documenting the different creatures that they encounter throughout their adventures. I have included some of the sketches for these creatures.

TheLibrarian The Librarian: A creature that oversees the library in the Deadwoods. The exact nature is unknown as he is constantly smiling at the visitors. Unfortunately, he has a darker nature as well. Anyone that dares to steal, harm or copy the records under his care is in danger of seeing how bad he can be.

NotAMorningWolfAsh the Wolf is not a morning wolf. When Theo and Boomer meet up with him, he is less than enthused about talking to them. Needless to say, this visit was very short and the facts that were found were less than helpful.

TheLuxSprite The Lux Sprite is a timid little creature that lives in the MistyMurk Swamps. Thought they don’t like to interact with visitors, they still like to help them get through the darkness. Theo actually rescues one from getting eaten by a fish so he builds a friendship with one.

These are just a few of the creatures you can see in the book. We hope you enjoy them!