It was a phenomenon that shook the world by storm! A true masterpiece that revolutionized not only broke through the norm of the literary world but has sense made its way into the movies, games, toys, and more! On Monday the 26th of June, Harry Potter celebrated its 20th anniversary of the release of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Harry Potter #1) – 1/28/97 by J.K. Rowling Original Mary GrandPre’ cover design

As a long time skeptic as to why this series was so successful and what the appeal was until I finally broke down and picked up the movies for myself. I had heard that they challenged the acclaimed “Lord of the Rings” films in terms of quality so I watched all eight movies in a matter of two days and immediately my eyes were opened!

I picked up the books immediately and began reading the first book. To my great surprise, what I thought was bad literature in high school, had now become a very well paced, character developed thrill ride!

But what is it about this series that bring such appeal to young readers and adults alike? In my personal opinion and from experience, I think that it is not only do the books offer an identifiable protagonist that suffers very common problems that young people face today such as bullies, trying to find themselves in a big world, and learning that they can become something more by bonding with friends who are supportive and will ultimately stand by them no matter what the trouble! I mean let’s face it, Hermione and Ron could have run away from the terrors of Voldemort until he stormed down the gates of Hogwarts but they chose to stand with Harry in events that could ultimately get them killed!


True friendship between the characters is one thing I think that attracts us more than we realize.

Character development is also rampant throughout the books. Each one of the characters from the main three to the mighty Albus Dumbledore, the elusive Severus Snape, and even Draco Malfoy seem to go through a revelation as the story progresses which leaves us wanting more and to follow their story until the very end!

Then there’s the environment! I mean can we speak for a moment about how beautiful Hogwarts is on its own?! Wiki-background

It is truly masterful cinematography that brings this legendary school of the most powerful witches and wizards to life (and this is just the external view)!

I believe that Hogwarts itself is a character that binds the Harry Potter fans to the franchise. Each person takes online quizzes (I know this because I did it myself! RavenClaw Pride!) to see what house they are and hangs onto it as if it were a real place they could visit or just want some like minds to bond with and talk to.

One other thing I think that Harry Potter has that makes it so appealing is that it is a new take on an old concept. We have all known and been familiar with the concept of witches and wizards in the literary world but Harry Potter not only shows the fantastic magic of this world but also aligns it with the real world of the “Muggles” who just don’t understand the “magic folk”. It brings us in and out of the parallel worlds instead of immersing us completely into the wizarding world. This parallelism, whether we realize it or not, makes our mouths water to read more and more of the story.

There are many reasons as to why this series is so popular from its first release in 1997 to the current year of 2017. The ones I’ve listed here are just a few personal reasons why I became a Potter fan.

What are some of your reasons? Shoot me a comment below! I would love to read some!