My World is Being Rocked! D:

Chester Bennington who was the lead singer for Stone Temple Pilots, Dead By Sunday, and Kings of Chaos, as well as being the frontman for Linkin Park, is the latest devastating loss to the music world. Close friends with the late Chris Cornell, he’s reportedly committed suicide on what would have been Chris’s 53rd birthday. […]... Continue Reading →

A Paradise We Lost

Way-Traveler: A Paradise We Lost By Blaise Ramsay Our planet Earth began as a blue planet. The old ones tell stories of what it was like before the Wastelands took over most of the landscape. They spoke of great beasts that swam and sang in a vast sea. Songs that were so beautiful and haunting... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Hunter by A.E. Fisher

Ladies and Gentlemen, regulars and new comers! Welcome to our first ever book review Monday! This week I will be introducing you to a genre I think is very under appreciated but has become one of my favorites in the last week alone. I'm talking about MC or Motorcycle Club themed romance/erotica books! This week... Continue Reading →

A Faun in Autumn

Autumn is my favorite time of year. The color palettes are beyond beautiful and the cool air is refreshing. We all start to enjoy our hot cocoa and our children start wanting to wear their Halloween costumes, eat turkey or want Santa to come soon. I just had to add color to her. I enjoy... Continue Reading →

Fleeting Hearts

The day was sunny as cool spring winds rustled the leaves of the trees that seemed to sparkle with life. Birds had begun teaching their fledglings how to fly as their parents before had taught them. Chipmunks hurried about to feed their ever hungry young; having to compete with squirrels for whatever they could find... Continue Reading →

10 Rules For Success — Jay Colby

I decided to share this post from Jay Colby because he offers some really good advice on success and how to reach it. I highly recommend giving him a follow because he offers a large amount of useful and uplifting information. I have always been infatuated with successful people. I constantly read about their processes,... Continue Reading →

I Heard The Bells

It was a cold winter's night on Christmas Eve. A solitary child lays in her bed looking at each of the unique snowflakes fall as the soft bells of the church sang in the distance. It was just past midnight when the child looked at the small alarm clock on the bedside table. The hands... Continue Reading →

The Good Luck Cat

The Good Luck Cat May 20, 2017 It had always been sitting there on the counter of one of the best Asian Food restaurants in the city. At first one might not take it into account because of how simple it’s design is. After all it’s just a small white statue with its left paw... Continue Reading →

What does Freedom mean to you?

Freedom. When you think about that word, what comes to your mind? Is it the right to free speech? The right to bear arms? Today we celebrate so many freedoms that we all have but take advantage of on a daily basis. But here are a couple of  questions I want to pose to you?... Continue Reading →

Boomer’s Travel Journal: Entry 1

Boomer is a character in our upcoming young adult readers' series, The Adventures of Thaddeus ThistleBuck. He is constantly documenting the different creatures that they encounter throughout their adventures. I have included some of the sketches for these creatures.  The Librarian: A creature that oversees the library in the Deadwoods. The exact nature is unknown as... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Harry Potter!

It was a phenomenon that shook the world by storm! A true masterpiece that revolutionized not only broke through the norm of the literary world but has sense made its way into the movies, games, toys, and more! On Monday the 26th of June, Harry Potter celebrated its 20th anniversary of the release of Harry... Continue Reading →

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